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TV addict — might overdose

October 9, 2010

All right, this was coming sooner or later, so I might as well get it out sooner.  I thought about adding pictures, but I am a lazy couch potato these days, so I’ll think about that later …


It is fall, and we are now fully into heavier programming.  Not that summer shows aren’t good, it’s just that fall programs have more episodes, allowing (generally) for a wider scope or more character development.  I am looking forward to seeing how this batch of shows plays out.


I never really thought about watching this show until I saw a rerun episode on TV last year and discovered I liked the awkward humor and the pairing of Bones and Booth.  I quickly raced devoured the first four seasons and squealed in enthusiastic fangirliness whenever Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth got closer.

And then this season happened.

Whatever tension and growth had built up in the previous seasons seems to be completely erased — at least in my perspective.  Brennan, though never socially adept, seems to have taken giant leaps backwards in terms of adjusting to her social surroundings, and Booth seems way into his new romance — one could say TOO into it (as in, he’s trying to convince himself that this is right).

It has only been a few episodes, so we haven’t had too much development on the other characters yet.  Dr. Saroyan’s personal life hasn’t been brought up, Dr. Sweets and Daisy seem to be at a vague crossroads, and the interns almost feel like new again.  Hodgins and Angela are expecting a baby — perhaps this will be the season’s focal point.  One pair starting a family while the others feel broken.  Speaking of family … haven’t seen Brennan’s in a while …

So … is it wrong that, while I feel like I should give up on the whole Booth/Brennan pairing, my fangirl insides argue that they will end up together?  Eventually?


Dear Castle writers.  I want more Ryan and Esposito.  Seriously.  They really have Beckett’s back, and I think they are the precious glue that holds an episode together and the breath that gives it life.  During the season premiere, you knew that I knew that you were trying to fool me about the whole Castle-as-a-murderer scenario, so I think it’s the least you could do for not even pretending to take that storyline seriously.

Also, I believe I am one of the only people who liked Det. Demming (Samuel T. Anders!!!) and want him back for more complications.  And to see Castle squirm.


You’re not really like a cop procedural drama, since you take way too many liberties with stunts and things only movie cops can do.  But I expected that, seeing as how you were produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.  Still, you cast Amaury Nolasco, and I’ve been dying to see him in something more substantial than a few minutes in Transformers ever since I watched Prison Break.  Although he was interesting in Southland, but I’m biased because I think that show as a whole is a gem.


I believe you get better with age.  In the beginning, I thought you were trying to feed me your take on shades-of-grey morality with a giant silver spoon, but now, in Season 3, I am fully invested in your characters.  I am happy when Pink Ranger succeeds, I want Sam to eventually date Pink Ranger even though they supposedly ended their relationship, I want Ed to work things out with his wife, and I want Greg Parker to spend more time with his son.  I like that the stories are becoming more complex, that they are exploring different story formats, that I am left wanting to know more but still pretty satisfied with the episode I watched.  They don’t try to tackle everything in this show, since (like the SRU team), we are only allowed brief glimpses into another person’s life.  But what little information we get to glean from each episode is left with us allows us to ponder later how we function together as a society.  They take an overused plot and give us the ability to avert the big crisis, only to glimpse the troubles that lay beneath.


Oh, Olivia.  Oh, Peter.  I wanted you two together, but now it feels so … wrong.  Because it’s not the right Olivia, and it’s not the right chemistry.  Seeing Peter and Other Olivia kiss makes me squirm uncomfortably.

On the other hand, OMG CHARLIE FRANCIS IS BACK ON SCREEN!!!  I was angry when Fringe killed him off, but oh-so-happy when I realized he would be back.  Can our Olivia bring him back to our world now?  Please?

Did anyone else have flashbacks to the first season, when Olivia was seeing John Scott’s memories?  And now she’s seeing Peter and Walter.  But mostly Peter.  Not that she has Peter’s memories, because that would be too many in one brain.  She’s already dealing with two sets of memories duking it out.  What would she do if she had Peter’s as well?  She might combust.

Except she has super-powerful abilities.  Right?

I wonder when she will contact the taxi driver again?

And did anyone else feel sorry for Newton because he has been reduced to the role of Evil Henchman?

Hawaii Five-0

I’m not sure what to think of you yet.  Although I could tell right off the bat that the lead, Det. Steve McGarrett, had an Australian accent.  Mr. O’Loughlin, you and Mr. Baker should perhaps look into that.  Although, in real life, I think your accents are wonderful.

It’s good to see Boomer again, but, like Maggie Q, Grace Park also looks like she weighs 90 lbs, which makes me doubt she can take down a 6-foot-something, 200 lb dude with a machine gun.  Still, this IS high-action TV, so whatever.

This, like Chase, isn’t exactly a police procedural drama, but I’m watching it for now to see where it will head in the future.  Are we going to jump into the dirty cop stuff that was touched on when we were introduced to the not-so-dirty cop Chin Ho Kelly?  And how is McGarrett’s father involved in all of that?

The Mentalist

Patrick Jane, you confuse me.  I never know when you are being genuine, and when you are being the calculating con man.  Also, how is it that you have hoards of disapproving superiors who constantly threaten action against you but never deliver?  Are you the Dr. House of  faux-psychic detectives?

Even though I have no idea what kind of development the characters will have this season, I think it’s safe to say that you will remain much the same, and Cho will continue being a stoic semi-background character, and Lisbon will have to keep apologizing for the silly things you do, like brazenly going against an order from an official higher-up.


Even though you weigh 90 lbs, Maggie Q, and probably would break an arm before you could break an evil henchman’s thick skull, I still enjoy watching you as the rogue assassin bent on taking down a secret, powerful organization that no one knows exists.  I am interested in seeing Alex’s exploits and her possible relationship with Thom (or, as I keep referring to him in my mind, Eugene Sledge’s friend from The Pacific).  Plus, I want to see Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember practice his choreographed fight moves.

Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스

Oh. My. God. You. Are. Frustrating.

I think I remember why I wasn’t totally in love with It Started with a Kiss (and this is excluding the fact that I dislike Joe Chen) … I hate the fact that the girl has no other dream than to be with her crush.  And I hate the fact that she is classified as stupid.  That she seems to have no purpose in life.

Oh Ha Ni proved that she is capable of being intelligent — she studied like no other and rose up in the ranks from near the bottom of the class to the top 50.  She draws a good deal (at least in the first episode or two) and enjoys running.  So why can’t this girl, who embodies the very idea of success through perseverance, find a little bit of self-confidence so that she isn’t constantly allowing herself to be played around with by a robot man?

Seriously, I’ve watched 12 episodes already.  TWELVE.  And I haven’t seen much development in Ha Ni.  Perhaps Seung Jo is learning to become human, but Ha Ni isn’t learning to … pick any of the following:

  • stand up for herself
  • find her own path in life
  • find a hobby that doesn’t involve stalking Baek Seung Jo
  • make ramen.  Anyone can make ramen.
  • use her sweet, simple wisdom more often (instead of one or two shining moments between long droughts of stupidity)

Ha Ni ah … I had high hopes for you when I saw all that you could accomplish in the first couple episodes.  But then you slipped sooooo far behind the other characters.  I get that you are in love with Baek Seung Jo, but when they say that true love makes a couple become one … they didn’t mean that one person becomes the universe.  They mean two separate people, with various different interests and goals, join together to create a shared world where they reside.  You can’t simply live in Baek Seung Jo’s world.  You need to have equal input.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔들

I am so glad I picked this up while waiting for releases of Playful Kiss to come out.  I already enjoy this show more (sorry, Kim Hyun Joong … I’ll still watch your dramas, though) and it keeps getting better.  Now Kim Yoon Hee — she’s a character I enjoy watching.  Yes, she is a great scholar in the beginning of the drama, but that is part of her.  It’s her passion.  Unlike Ha Ni, Yoon Hee has many things she cares about that don’t just relate to one person.  She is persevering like Ha Ni, is determined to prove herself like Ha Ni, but the difference is that she overcomes the obstacles presented to her and grows as a result of her special person.  Yoon Hee’s world isn’t all about Seon Joon.  Her world is enriched with her ties to her family, her own ideals concerning a woman’s place in the world, her aspiring studies, her yearning for knowledge, and the political intrigue that runs rampant in the university.

Yes, Yoon Hee falls at times.  But because she has things in her life that she is passionate about, she is able to pull herself back up and becomes a stronger person because of it.

Perhaps her character is a little too perfect in the drama — great scholar, capable of learning archery within a matter of days — but I think this gives us all a little more to aspire to.  It’s more rewarding for me to see someone work hard and mature than to watch a girl float carelessly around with no end in sight, despite proving to me that she is able to do something once she puts her mind to it.  And the fact that she only has 4 episodes left to prove she has something more in her than just fluff and daydreams of Baek Seung Jo just irks me more.

But I was supposed to be talking about Sungkyunkwan instead.  I’m really growing more in love with the main characters.  I even love to watch Ha In Soo, the “villain” of the show.  I don’t know why, but his character really intrigues me.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to the second half of this show.  Wonder when Seon Joon will discover that Yoon Hee is a girl?  And I wonder when Professor Jung will reveal his knowledge about Yoon Hee’s father to her at last?

The Vampire Diaries

Just how powerful is Katherine?  I’m liking Caroline more and more in this show.  I find that there are moments when I don’t hate Tyler as much as I did when he was first introduced … and then he goes right back to being a (self-proclaimed, mind you) dick.  And I keep waiting for that development that occurs at the end of the first book, but it seems like they’re holding off on that.  Perhaps as a season 2 cliffhanger?

Bonnie was missing in the last episode, so I wonder if there’s something big coming for her.  And I was all ready to like Mason Lockwood until I saw that final scene of him with Katherine.  Ugh.

This series is pretty, with enough action and intrigue to keep me watching.  Even if I am so over Elena’s pleasant blend of sombre, tired, and disgusted expressions as well as Stefan’s furrow-browed brooding look, and their shared sighs with rolling eyes …  Even if I keep telling myself that the reason why they are so tired-looking and boring is because they are really living life to the fullest against all odds …  I think there is still enough in the rest of the episode to keep things interesting.  It’s amazing that I don’t hate Caroline, like I did in the books.  Despite all her faults and annoying habits, Caroline is actually a pretty sweet and forlorn character.


I haven’t included anything about The Event because I haven’t gotten past the first episode — getting Lost flashbacks — but I hope to keep following the show.  I’ve missed watching Luke Danes ever since Gilmore Girls ended.  And as for new Korean series coming out later in the fall …  Bring on the drama!

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